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CNC Door Lock Hole & Slot Solution
Product Specifications Description:
CNC Door Lock Hole & Slot Solution
Model : MDK4120Q 
  CNC Door Lock Hole & Slot Solution with seven CNC spindles; feed-in & feed-out, barcode identification, tool setting, workpiece measurement, lubrication and all kinds of lock-holes, lock slots working are full automatic.在門縱向全程范圍內同時加工。主要用于加工木門門鎖、鉸鏈等門配套五金件安裝槽及孔的加工。鎖槽側、鉸鏈側兩端同時加工,鎖槽側、鉸鏈側各有一左旋電機,用于槽口的破口,以防止槽口處崩邊。 


Main Parameter:

-Working length:1800mm~2400mm

-Working width:30mm~70mm

-Working thickness:500mm~1100mm

-Max X、X’ moving length:2400mm

-Dextro motor beside the lock:6.0kW

-Levo motor beside the lock:1.5kW

-Lead-hole motor bieside the hinge:0.4kW

-Dextro motor beside the hinge:3.7kW

-Levo motor beside the hinge:1.5kW

-Max. moving speed of tool:20m/min

-Overall dimensions:5500mm×3500mm×2100mm



1、double side processing, increase the productivity of the door leaf position of hardware processing, 60 seconds to complete processing of a door.
2、positive and negative spiral milling, effectively solve the problem of edge collapse
3、multi-point automatic measurement, which can guarantee the machining precision
4m6米乐app官网 - 首页、automatic knife, to guarantee the machining dimensions
5m6米乐app官网 - 首页、barcode management, production organization, which is convenient for workers to operate
6、the discharged, and meet the needs of the high-end customers production line combination
7、the automatic lubrication device

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