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Jeannette's Pier Wedding Dove Release
Jeannette's Pier Dove Release
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Outer Banks Dove Releases for Weddings

Providing Memorable White Dove Releases for the Wedding of Your Life

The traditional release of white doves is a beautiful and unique expression of your love as you are wed. Doves choose one mate for life and signify love, faithfulness, joy and hope. Make your special ceremony even more special with one of our white dove release packages. The beautiful white doves soar high and head home for their loft, representing the couple beginning their newly wedded lives together. We can help you choose a reading or a song to go along with the release.

Each release includes a practice session at our home, and an extra pair of birds for a staged shot after the ceremony, if desired!

Types of Releases:

  • 2 Dove Release: The couple holds the doves which are released together, or the doves are released from a heart-shaped basket. $199

  • 2 Doves + Flock of 15 Dove Release: The couple releases two birds by hand or from a basket, and then a flock of doves are released from one basket shortly afterward, representing friends and family supporting them on their journey. $299

  • 2 Doves + Flock of 30 Dove Release: The couple releases two birds by hand or from a basket, and then two flocks of doves are released from two baskets shortly afterward, representing friends and family supporting them on their journey. $399

  • Display: Choose an elegant cage to beautifully display two ring-neck doves during the ceremony (these are not for release). They can be decorated to coordinate with your colors and make a stunning addition to a chapel entrance. Available with any release package for an additional $99, or on its own for $149.

Travel fees may apply to areas more than 30 miles from the loft in Colington, Kill Devil Hills. Please email us for a quote!

Outer Banks Dream Wedding Dove Release
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Dream Wedding
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Wedding Testimonials:

Paul & Rebecca:
Nobody whom attended our wedding could stop talking about how great it was, for the longest time. We still hear about the doves. It was the highlight of our wedding party. Thank you, so much!

Lynn & John:
Thank you for a wonderful wedding day.  We chose a reading from a list of your suggestions.  With that and the release of the doves, it completed the renewal of our wedding vows in a very special way.  Thank you for your kindness and help.   The visit to your home to practice the dove release was a highlight in our week.  The grandchildren (along with the adults!) truly enjoyed the unique experience of releasing your beautiful doves.  Thank you for the personal touch and incredible customer service.  

Dietra & Paolo:
Paolo and I will never forget the special moment that we shared when releasing the doves at the end of our wedding ceremony. Many of our friends and family members told us that it was their favorite part of the ceremony.

Mike & Brittany:
Thank you so much for making our wedding so special. We had so much fun with the doves and it was a huge hit with our guests, they couldn't stop talking about it. We loved how unique it was and would recommend to everyone we know.

Ashley & Russ:
Thank you so much for being a part of our special day. Everyone loved the dove release & it was very special to us as well. We have lots of wonderful memories & wanted to say thank you for all you did. (Russ said the doves were beautiful, but he stll missed the peacock.)

Barb, Bride:
I wanted to take a minute to thank you for such a wonderful experience. The releasing of the doves was a big highlight of the ceremony on Thursday. You were so kind and great to work with.

Debbie, Mother of the Bride:
I look at my daughter's wedding photos and the memories are priceless. The Doves were so beautiful and I just wanted to say thank you. You are one of the nicest people ever to work with and may you be blessed for all the joy you provide. It's very special what you do. My thank you is a little overdue, but none the less heartfelt. Thank you so much!

Dan & Mandy:
Thank you so much for providing one of the magical moments of our wedding ceremony! We will always be able to look back and remember its beauty! Thank you!

Sue (Mother of the Bride):
The dove release is still being talked about by all of our family and friends.

Heather & Jeff:
After going to the wedding expo, I came home and told Jeff I didn't know anything for sure, except that I want the doves! haha They are so beautiful and such a great addition to weddings. You were so helpful and kind to let us come to your house and practice with the doves before. That was definitely an added bonus to our wedding day. We loved the doves! Thanks so much!

Lena, Bride:
The birds were so sweet! Thank you for helping to make our day so special! The hand release is something we will never forget! :)

Lyndsey, Bride:
I just wanted to thank you both for being apart of Sean and I's wedding!  The doves were so beautiful and worked our perfect!  Everyone truly loved them and haven't seem them at a wedding before.  I didn't get a chance to thank you Jay at the wedding, but thank you so much!

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