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Outer Banks Area Dove Releases for Funerals and Memorials

At funeral and memorial services, a dove release is a a beautiful way of expressing a final goodbye, of letting go. Doves provide a healing and peaceful tribute which helps to bring closure for family and friends.

No matter your beliefs, a white dove release gives a feeling of a peaceful departure by your loved one. The release may be accompanied by music (we'll bring speakers and download your requested song), and/ or by a poem that is read by a close family member or clergy/official.

In addition to the packages below, we can custom design a release in any combination to suit your needs.

Types of Releases:

  • Spirit Dove: One dove released from a heart shaped basket or handed to family member to release: $165

  • Guardian Angel and Spirit Dove: Two doves released from two baskets or handed to family members to release. Represents the Spirit guided by the Guardian Angel: $175

  • Spirit Dove + Trinity: Four doves with large and small heart shaped baskets. One dove is released representing the Spirit, followed moments later by three doves representing the Holy Trinity: $200

  • Spirit Dove + Flock of 15: Spirit bird in small heart shaped basket plus flock of 15 in larger release basket: $250

  • Spirit Dove + Flock of 30: Spirit bird in small heart shaped basket plus two larger release baskets with a flock of 15 in each: $325

Contact us by email, or by calling or texting 252-202-1442.

Due to the suddenness of losing a loved one, a deposit is not required. Payment is accepted as cash, check or charge up to and on the day of the dove release. Travel fees may apply to areas more than 30 miles from the loft on Colington Island in Kill Devil Hills.


Nags Head Beach Memorial
Nags Head Beach Memorial | Photo by Lori Douglas

Outer Banks Beach Memorial
Kitty Hawk Beach

Funeral St. Andrews
St. Andrews | Photo by B.L. Ackley

Funeral - Spirit Dove
Spirit Dove and Trinity Release