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Jeannette's Pier Dove Release
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Jeanne & Steve Brook

Jeanne has lived on the Outer Banks since 1994, when she left the cold winters of Pittsburgh for her beloved OBX beaches. Always an animal lover, she was not much of a bird person until she met her future husband, Steve. He had a fascination with racing pigeons, and had been breeding and racing homing pigeons in Ontario, Canada, for most of his life. After they bought a home in historic Kitty Hawk Village, they built bird lofts into their new red barn, and he moved his flock of birds south.

The Outer Banks had been growing in popularity as a wedding destination, and Steve had the idea to begin housing white homing pigeons in order to offer a beautiful, traditional element to Outer Banks weddings. Jeanne's love for Prince and his song "When Doves Cry" led her to naming their new venture "When Doves Fly" - because when doves fly, something special is going on, whether it's making a commitment of a lifetime, raising money for a good cause, enjoying the beauty, or saying goodbye to a loved one.

They recently moved themselves and the flock to a new home on the water in Colington, Kill Devil Hills. The birds from Kitty Hawk have been rehomed; although they are occasionally seen visiting their old home, they retun to Colington before sunset.


When Doves Fly is proud to participate and contribute to many community events, particularly Relay for Life, Alzheimers Walk, OBX Pride, Walk Against Addiction, World Aids Day, GEM Candlelighting, 9/11 Wings Over America, and Surfing for Autism.

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Professional White Dove Release Association