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Dove Landing
This picture was taken from inside the loft
as the birds were coming in to eat.

Doves Displayed in Cage
Ring neck doves hanging out in a display cage.

About Our Doves

Homing pigeons (rock doves) are the preferred type of bird for ceremonial releases because of their innate ability to fly home from up to hundreds of miles away. Though their ability to return home on their own is instinct, we practice with them to ensure they know home, are exercised, and to give them the best ability to get home safely. Releases need to be done early enough for the birds to have time to get home before sunset. We also monitor weather conditions and will not do a release if rain or heavy wind will impede their homing abilities.

Many hours go into breeding good birds, and training our homing pigeons to assure their safe return home after they are released from your special event. They are also fed high-quality feed, and vaccinated as appropriate to maintain their health. Our homing pigeons are domesticated birds of pure-bred lineage that are well-fed, healthy, humanely kept, loved and named.

Ring neck doves lack homing ability and will likely not be able survive in the wild; therefore releasing them is not considered a humane or ethical practice. They are wonderful as part of a display, however, and we have several ring-neck doves in our aviary.